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Neenah Foundry has been the market leader in inlet frames and grates for decades. Count on us to have the product that meets your project requirements, whether it is a standard inlet with a curb box, or a new rain garden with a beehive grate to manage stormwater.


Ensure a Safe Environment

Excessive surface water creates a dangerous environment for both motorists and pedestrians. It can even lead to ponding or pooling situations where the street may not be visible under the water, creating hazardous conditions.

  • Keep pedestrians safe with effective water flow management.
  • Protect drivers from dangerous hydroplaning and loss of visibility by minimizing the splash and spray of water.
  • Avoid the accumulation of stormwater which causes pavement degradation and damage to adjacent properties.
  • Eliminate water seepage into the pavement that leads to the creation of dangerous potholes.
  • The high capture rate of Neenah’s vane-style grates helps to ensure that less surface water will be present, thereby reducing the risk of these hazardous conditions.

Neenah Foundry’s cast iron inlets frames and grates are fully compliant with AASHTO M36 and ASTMA536 standards.

We offer the widest product variety in the market to ensure that we meet specifier needs.  We will also customize products when you have a unique set of requirements for your project.  

Our products are made in the United States and are approved for federally funded projects.

Water inlet frame and grate with Dump No Waste Drains to River text
Reliable, Worry-free Performance 
  • Cast iron will not crack or deteriorate.
  • Our products maintain a uniform shape with no feature changes.
  • Products are tested to ensure they are H20 rated and comply with AASHTOM306 standards.
  • End-users can feel confident that grate performance will meet or exceed expectations.
Lack of maintenance reduces total cost of ownership 
  • No maintenance is required. 
  • There is no need for a costly and time-consuming replacement.
  • Wearing, peeling, cracking and delamination are eliminated.
Curved cast iron water inlet on curb
Outstanding Durability
  • Enjoy exceptional adherence to concrete due to expert craftsmanship.
  • Products will outlive the life of the concrete or pavement, saving time and money.
  • Eliminate the need to inventory additional products for replacement.

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