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Infrastructure Markets
Neenah Foundry is the leading North American supplier of trusted and durable airport castings that meet the industry’s high caliber safety standards.
NEI provides durable casting products that preserve the structural integrity, safety, and aesthetics of your bridges.
Neenah Foundry provides beautiful, durable, and functional casting solutions for landscaping and streetscaping.
Neenah Foundry manufactures and engineers sustainable, highly engineered iron products for the nation’s leading utility providers.
Wastewater Management
Neenah Foundry leads the industry in wastewater management castings designed for safety and sustainability.
Water Drainage
NEI provides durable water drainage castings that are designed and manufactured for safety and longevity and offers the largest selection in the industry.
Case Study

Dislodged Manhole Cover

When the city of Fort Wayne, Indiana, discovered a manhole cover that was dislodged due to gas pressure, NEI delivered the solution.