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Neenah Foundry has been the leading producer of cast iron bridge scuppers for more than fifty years.  Our bridge scuppers ensure that water is efficiently drained from the road to an outlet, to enable safe driving conditions.  We will customize bridge drainage solutions to meet your unique requirements.

Our bridge drainage products are made in the United States and are approved for federally funded projects.


  • Exceptional durability and reliability are enabled by quality materials and robust engineering.
  • The strength and durability of cast iron provide a platform for long-term project success. Cast Iron bridge scuppers outlast the deck they are poured in and allow the designer and end customer to have confidence in the scupper’s longevity.

  • Count on reliable product performance, enabling complete confidence in the project’s success.
  • Reduce maintenance time and related costs.
  • Free up additional time to allocate to other projects.

Cast Iron Bridge Scuppers are Superior to Steel and Composite Materials


  • Large quantities can be cast in one shot, enabling significantly higher throughput when compared to fabricated steel scuppers that require assembly time and higher related labor costs.
  • Cast iron scuppers will have a much lower life cycle cost as compared to steel scuppers.
  • Carbon steel will degrade faster and require replacement much sooner than iron.
  • Fabricated steel scuppers require added paint or galvanizing to prevent corrosion, thus additional labor and material costs.


  • Due to a lack of concrete adhesion characteristics, these materials are more likely to fail, as freeze-thaw can create swelling and contraction between the scupper body and the concrete.
  • Ultraviolet light will degrade the composite material over time and ultimately can cause failures.
  • Iron is a more sustainable product than composite. Life-cycle costs of composite bridge scuppers are significantly higher than cast iron scuppers.
Among the Widest Product Variety in the Market
  • Wide variety of choices to meet all specifier needs and help incorporate into the bridge’s design.
  • Enjoy flexibility and availability of a product for on-time project completion.
  • Work with our dedicated engineering team to modify designs to meet specific project needs.
Customize to Meet Specific Needs

Our existing scuppers can be modified or provide a completely custom solution for those unique bridge project needs. Our goal is to provide our customers with precisely what they need without the worry and issues created by specifying a non-branded, steel fabricated scupper solution.


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