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From machines designed to immaculately groom and maintain today’s golf courses and professional sports fields, to those that remove brush from the local park, the leading manufacturers of turf care and landscaping equipment count on NEI’s gray and ductile iron castings to provide the strength and durability their products require to get the job done.

Establishing a reputation for durable products that perform season after season is of paramount importance in this competitive landscape. Neenah Foundry understands that in order for you to stay competitive, you need collaboration with your supply base to drive out cost and design products that outperform the competition. Our casting engineers work side by side with your product designers to take iron castings from concept to reality, and set the standard for professional grade products, we make the lawn and garden products better with better parts. Our foundries offer supply base professionals many competitive sourcing options that allow you to single source your cast iron components with one supplier who can do it all…casting, heat treating, machining, paint and subassembly.

Lawn & Garden Products






Case Study

Fabrication to Casting

Neenah Foundry replaced a 4-piece steel fabrication with a ductile iron casting, resulting in a 20% cost savings to the customer.
Case Study

Cast Iron Attachment Coupler

Neenah Foundry converted a welded steel attachment coupler from 30 components to one cast iron component.