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Protecting Our Nation's Underground Infrastructure

Neenah Foundry has partnered with ABLOY USA Critical Infrastructure Global Solutions to introduce InfraLOCK™, a high-security locking system designed to protect the nation’s underground infrastructure.

InfraLOCK™ protects the nation’s underground infrastructure from theft, destruction, and unauthorized access with a high security locking manhole system.

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Maximize Security 

Protect underground infrastructure systems from being compromised by theft, destruction, and unauthorized access.

  • Abloy locks are some of the most pick-proof locks in the world, ensuring maximum security of the underground infrastructure.
  • Prevention and mitigation of unforeseen disasters to critical systems.
  • It only takes one bad event to cause significant damages, monetary losses, negative publicity, or worse.
Flexible, Easy Installation – New Construction & Retrofits

Installing InfraLOCK™ is no different than installing a standard manhole frame and cover.

  • New lids can be adapted to existing frames limiting the potential for costly construction – rip and replace not required.
  • The InfraLOCK lock housing can be adapted to almost any state or local standard.
  • Easy to operate design with minimal working parts.
  • Abloy locks incorporated in InfraLOCK can be easily integrated into existing Abloy security systems.
Neenah Foundry Ablov Made in USA manhole cover showing InfraLOCK
Avoid Costly Downtime  

InfraLOCK prevents disruptive or catastrophic events that can cause negative publicity, lawsuits, or costly downtime.

  •  Limited maintenance and easy operation save valuable labor time.
  • No ancillary parts need to be integrated into our design. No bolts or special tools are needed.
  • One key option for access to every lid in the system.
  • Highly engineered and extremely durable products are in line with Neenah and Abloy’s reputation for quality.