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Project Profile

Queensboro Bridge Scuppers

The Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge, also known as the 59th Street Bridge, connects Queens to Manhattan over the East River and Roosevelt Island.


The total bridge span is 3,725 feet and was opened for service in 1909. When Neenah Foundry got involved in the project, the upper deck of the bridge was being reconstructed.  Neenah Foundry played an integral part in the design and manufacture of the bridge scuppers and grates for the project.

View of Ed Kock Queensboro Bridge looking towards Manhattan from Queens (Source - NYC Department of Transportation)
Project Description

In 2016, Neenah Foundry began working with the bridge design firm that was completing the engineering work on the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge. Working together with the bridge design firm and the bridge contractor, a custom bridge scupper, grate, and outlet coupling were designed. To finalize the design, Neenah Foundry constructed a full-scale prototype to enable the bridge contractor to verify the fit within the proposed decking system. The design for this scupper was unique since it was not cast into concrete, but rather bolted to a steel deck. As such, cast ductile iron was the chosen material to provide the necessary strength required for the scupper. In addition, a custom coupler was required since the space between the upper and lower portion of the bridge deck for the outlet was limited.

Prototype Scupper in Steel Deck
  • One full-scale prototype bridge scupper
  • 260 custom bridge scuppers
  • 260 custom grates
  • 260 custom outlet couplings
Machined Scupper

Neenah Foundry shipped the scuppers, grates, and couplings to the customer in July 2020. The bridge reconstruction is ongoing, and according to the New York City Department of Transportation, it is scheduled to be completed in late 2022.

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