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Dimensional Stability. Expert Material Science for Performance. Soundness.

Dimensional Stability results in: 

  • Enhanced manufacturing and assembly process efficiencies due to tighter tolerances
  • Avoidance of interference
  • Avoidance of failures
  • Increased ease and convenience of machining and assembly operations

High soundness or freedom from voids, shrinkage, and porosity results in: 

  • Enhanced part strength
  • Improved mechanical properties
  • Reduced or eliminated fluid leakage

Expert metallurgy and material selection results in: 

  • Improved material performance in the field
  • Enhanced ability to be consistent with the Brinell range for hardness
  • Enhanced ability to control chemistries within tight tolerance ranges
  • Improved ductility impact resistance, strength, yield, and elongation properties
  • Increased machinability
  • Reduced tooling wear

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