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The design and engineering of our valves and gates to control water volume and pressure are second to none. Whether you’re looking for flap gates, drainage gates, shear gates, or pressure relief valves, we likely have the exact casting you need. If not, we can make it for you.



Reliable, Worry-free Performance 

  • Gray iron is used to provide durability and strength to your applications. Of all the common castable ferrous materials, it exhibits the best corrosion and wears resistance.
  • All valves use neoprene seat mountings unless otherwise specified. Neoprene has strong sealing characteristics and is durable and versatile.

Outstanding Durability

  • The cast iron valve or gate will outlast the pipe or concrete structure regulating flow to or from.
  • All hardware components included with the castings are stainless steel or brass, offering excellent corrosion resistance.

Customizable to your job.

American Made products that comply with “Buy America” and “American Iron and Steel” requirements.