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  • Dimensional Stability results in 
    • Tighter tolerances that enhance the efficiency of the manufacturing and assembly processes
    • Avoidance of interference
    • Avoidance of failures
    • Increases efficiency, ease and convenience of machining and assembly operations 

    Expert metallurgy and material selection results in 

    • Improved material performance in the field 
    • Ability to be consistent with the Brinell range for hardness
    • Ability to control chemistries within tight tolerance ranges
    • Improved ductility impact resistance, strength, yield and elongation properties
    • Increases machinability

    Austempered ductile iron provides

    • Provides excellent wear properties
    • Much better strength to weight ratio than aluminum
    • The ability to match the light weight of aluminum
    • Improved elongation, making it a great alternative to some steels

  • High soundness or freedom from voids, shrinkage, and porosity, results in 
    • Enhanced part strength
    • Improved mechanical properties
    • Reduced or eliminated fluid leakage

    Precision Control

    • Maintain consistent tight tolerances allowing for more efficient manufacturing and assembly processes that produce consistent parts

    Consistent weld quality with no variability.