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Protecting Our Nation's Underground Infranstructure

InfraLOCK™ protects the nation’s underground infrastructure from theft, destruction, and unauthorized access with a high security locking manhole system.

Maximize Security 
  • Abloy locking system is one of the most pick proof locks in the world, ensuring maximum security of the underground infrastructure
Durable, Reliable, Dependable  
  • Neenah Foundry’s cast iron manhole covers are both highly engineered and extremely durable 
Flexible, Easy Installation – New Construction & Retrofits
  • Unlock the lock and slide the lock bar back 
  • The Abloy lock housing will utilize a core box that can be fitted to any state or local standard
  • Installation and overall dimensions do not vary from standard manhole assemblies
Cast iron sanitary manhole cover
Avoid Costly Downtime  
  • Limited maintenance 
  • No ancillary parts need to be integrated into the design
Workers installing water drainage trench frames and grates
Abloy Padlocks: A Powerhouse of Protection
  • Ranked among the most secure worldwide
  • Manufactured to meet or and surpass the highest standards globally
  • Tested for durability to levels that exceed security standards
  • Built with a rotating cylindrical disc lock with nearly 2 million different usable key combinations under a single key profile  
  • Duplication and 3D printing proof key
  • Bump proof and virtually pick proof locks
  • Patented protection worldwide until 2031 – greatly reducing the possibility that our competitors will be able to use a lock that is as secure as the Abloy system
  • With the addition of the Severe Weather Cap, the Abloy lock has attained an Ingress Protection rating of IP68 – indicating the lock is hermetically sealed against both foreign objects and immersion in water.