Cutting-edge technology, brilliant talent, and our commitment to investing in research and development keep us at the forefront of innovation, developing new products, and serving our customers.

NEI was granted our first patent in 1932 for our "Non-Rocking" lid and frame design. It's still inuse today among two dozen design and utility patents for exceptional products trusted all over the world.

130 Years of Combined Experience

Our R&D team consists of seasoned mechanical engineers, civil engineers, manufacturing engineers, and tooling engineers, with expertise in the design and application of infrastructure and industrial products. With a pulse on the end-user perspective, our engineers ensure we’re providing the most innovative solutions, from ideation to installation.

The Latest Technology

Game-changing products require state of the art technology, including:

  • SolidWorks® 3D modeling software
  • AutoDesk Inventor® modeling software
  • AutoDesk AutoCAD®
  • Finite element analysis (FEA) simulation using SolidWorks and Inventor
  • MAGMA® simulation software
  • 3D printing using a variety of materials allowing us to prototype more efficiently
  • 200,000-pound press used to load test products in accordance with AASHTO and EN standards
  • Additive 3D sand mold printing for manufacturing prototypes

Product Testing

We perform comprehensive testing to ensure every product meets customer standards and expectations. For example, we perform tests in compliance with AASHTO and ASTM load rating guidelines and standards.  We test finished, manufactured products rather than simply relying on computer simulation.